Sunday, January 4, 2015

London Yawning (Day 8)

The final days of London have begun! The feast of the Epiphany was well-spent and well-caffeinated. After Mass, my sister and I got coffee (always) at the Coffee House,

coffee please
that included a cool quote:

I honestly need more coffee
We caught a bus to Shoreditch where we spent the afternoon and too much money at Spitalfields Market.

possibly my favorite statue ever
no, really
you've goat to be kidding me
not as cool as the goat

ft. no goats

Oh right, we got more coffee.

stars in your multitude
scarce to be counted

filling the darkness

with order and liiight (ok I'm done with les mis)
When our pockets were empty and hands full of bags, we went to see La Boheme at a local theatre in the back of a pub:

a little too close to the stage
front row and 3rd coffee of the day

What's amazing was that after a couple scenes, they ushered us out and into the pub for a scene change...except that the scene change was really the next scene taking place at the bar! The actors sang in the crowd and climbed the bar and flirted with the audience (terrifying) but it was quite entertaining and unique and I can never go to a show again.

la boheme hem I'm talking here

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