Saturday, January 3, 2015

London Malling (Day 6)

Yesterday I spent the morning with my uncle who lives here in London! We don't get to see him very much because he's big and important, so this was a very exciting day. He decided to show me around Camden properly, because I'm a fool and don't know how to get around the city.

skateboard anyone?

cool hip buildings #imadarkangel
Our first stop was Camden Lock, on the Regent's Canal:

I nearly dropped my phone in
I'm in Venice! jk

there I am!


chummy like the fish

From there, we toured Camden Market. It was busy and maze-like and bohemian and probably the coolest thing I've seen yet! We went to a section called Stables Market.

ghosts of the stables


blue (guitar) skies

smiling through the overpriced-ness

Then we headed to the British Museum. Before we got there, we saw this building which was apparently in Batman!

ft. trees that weren't in batman

We only perused the British Museum for a little bit,

less impressive backside of the museum

I <3 history

where's waldo?

totally as tall as the totems

I promise I was thrilled

but we did see a wicked exhibit called Witches and Wicked Bodies. All I can say is, cheers to Saint Anthony the Great/of Egypt/of the Desert/ Tormented by Demons. Guy is crazy strong. I did like this one quote above horrible pictures of demons and dragons and torture:

possible excuse for constant coffee?
not so tall anymore

slightly more impressive entrance
bye British Museum!

We met up with his fiance in Covent Garden, where we got some delicious cupcakes! I tried a banoffee cupcake (banana and toffee), which was quite good.

better than a Tiffany box
not even sorry

Then they abandoned me at Embankment, so I was off on my own again. I set off across the Golden Jubilee Bridge,

naked tipi

Eye'm coming for you

Waterloo Bridge and St. Paul's Cathedral

I'm sorry I'm this way

and made my way to the foot of the London Eye!

The line went all the way to America so there was no way I was doing that, but I crept my way over to it anyway.

 I did have a lovely view from the banks as well:

aforementioned golden jubilee

I think I like London

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