Monday, July 18, 2016

The Sound of Salzburg

Budapest - Vienna - Salzburg

Part 3: Salzburg

The last of the three-day trip was spent in Salzburg, Austria, home of the Sound of Music! We had the option to pay for a Sound of Music movie tour, to view various spots from the film, but I opted out in order to explore the city on my own.

countryside of Austria

You can imagine how much the tiny town of Salzburg boasts its reputation as the site for the Sound of Music -- it was shown throughout the city!

ft. flowers
Such as on this pig!

and horse fountains

and even a duck?

Part 1348515 of dead winter trees -->


The beautiful Salzach River, which flows through the city.

can you spot it?

Later, we would hike the hillsides up to the Hohensalzburg Castle, and then to a brewery run by monks, seen here!

But first, Salzburg is also the birthplace of Mozart, so there was a lot of Mozart paraphernalia everywhere. I think his home where he grew up was around this street?

possibly? maybe?
Mozart, Mozart, Mozart...


and his home!

his childhood home, that is
 Before the hike, we explored the main city square.

finally, sun after all that cloudiness

wait, the Louvre?! 
mystery archways

the city square beneath the fortress
 Forever proof that I existed in that moment at that place:

twins <3 <3

expensive >:(

What's Austria without pretzels?

the fortress forever looming
 And thus began the hike to the top!

Wishing you were somehow here again....

Starting off with a trip through the cemetery, naturally.

Wishing you were somehow near...

Sometimes it seems, if I just dreamed...ok I'm done
 To the left...
hey, good progress

...and to the right.
coming for ya!!!!
 It was a long hike, I promise. We saw many towers and archways and old stone, just tastes of what was to come.

tower #9246

hey it's me!

 Fortress, this way!


After many long years, we made it to the top!

city through a barred window

city through a window tampered with by Ron Weasley


Salzburg from above!

it's a-me!

 After the fortress, we headed over to the Augustiner Braustubl, or the run-by-monks brewery!


Beer please!

such Austrian food

the dining hall, ft. my thumb
 To be perfectly frank, the beer was much too dark for me, but the meat was very welcome in my stomach.

After the brewery, we trekked back down for some final, picturesque views.

the hiiiiiiills are aliiiiive

with the soooound of muuuuusic....
And thus, my three-day journey to Budapest, Vienna, and Salzburg was complete. But my time with Prussia had just begun...

Vienna (Austria, not VA)

Budapest - Vienna - Salzburg

Part 2: Vienna

So my Budapest post was practically completed back when I remembered everything I did; this is the first fresh post, nicely removed from March 2015, so forgive my old lady memory.

The day after Budapest, our bus left nice and early to Vienna, Austria. I remember it took us unusually long to check into our hostel, so we had plenty of time to explore. We quickly came across the bar, boasting jägerbombs galore, and this necessary sign I will be putting up everywhere I go:

oh those Europeans
 The late morning was spent in a wonderful Austrian market,

I mean, I get it

featuring a large variety of olives I apparently thought was perfect for a picture (I do love olives though),

and this delicious sausage called Käsekrainer!!!

get on this level, America

Our trip to the market was followed by the typical walking tour through the city.

but ya gotta love the architecture

same old, same old 

Remember when I was talking about St. Stephen's, and to wait for the Vienna post? Here is St. Stephen's Cathedral, not to be confused with Budapest's Basilica:

just as glamorous, if not more

okay, definitely more

I actually stayed for Mass, which was in English!! :D :D :D (a rare, rare happening)

Those strange cube towers have prayer requests on them, I believe.
still better than a hostel bed

gotta love those icons

We happened across another Holy Trinity column (scary how similar Budapest and Vienna are - am I writing the same post again?) which is actually called the Plague Column, erected during the Great Plague epidemic in the 1700s.

prettier than Budapest's?
What Budapest doesn't have, however, was the Spanish Riding School, aka HORSES!

hay there

artsy, I know

another blurry walking photo ;(
even the weather is the same as Budapest OKAY IM OBSESSED WITH BUDAPEST WE GET IT

now an actual walking photo ;)
 Here is the Hofburg Imperial Palace, the former imperial residence,

and the Vienna Parliament Building, I believe (thanks, Google Image Search!)

alright, but you sense the cities' similarities, right

On a more exciting note, you can't visit Vienna without trying the famous Viennese Sachertorte at a renowned cafe!
said renowned cafe

said Viennese Sachertorte <3

said coffee

 But what really is cake without coffee?

Funny enough, we went shopping in Forever 21, about as Viennese as you can get, but where I got this great coat and a swimsuit I always wear!

really, this is just proof I was there

Our evening in Vienna was spent at a, not the, Vienna Opera House, where we listened to a delightful symphony, accompanied by ballet!

the small orchestra

and the beautiful ballet!

where's her other leg?

oh, and us drabby Americans fresh off the street