Sunday, January 11, 2015

Benvenuti a Firenze, Italia

Ciao from Florence, Italy! I can't believe I'm here!

My trip abroad began poorly with a delay due to some horrible engine problem, and continued when the Italians next to me on the plane assumed I could translate the English announcement for them. I thought I was in the clear when I finally landed, when my worst nightmare came true: my baggage never came around the belt :'( Which, of course, was traumatizing. This was only my second flight ever.

After a sad night sleeping in the jeans I had worn on the plane, contacts freshly discarded and teeth unbrushed, I was in Italy! Yay?

The first day began with a tour around Firenze. Here are some random "look how cool the streets of Italy are!" pictures I snapped whilst walking.

emerging from the apartments
right onto the Arno!

sidewalks made for stick people

this is something I think

first sighting of the Duomo :O

an English movie theatre we're saved
still a couple christmas decor

first sighting of Santa Croce!
I spy a river

one of many bridges
is Italy real?
real cool, you mean!
candy-colored architecture
ft. Perseus

Then we all got excited prematurely when we saw these cool statues, which are all fake. That makes sense since they're all outdoor.

This was in Piazza della Signoria, outside Palazzo Vecchio.

the view from Ponte Vecchio
speaking of, view of Ponte Vecchio PM
first italian meal, of course

first italian dessert, of course (tiramisu, anyone?)

But let me show you where I live! I live in a darling homestay with a darling family with a darling roommate. Our room has a darling terrace!

what's through here?
ft. architecture
down a floor

to the courtyard below

On Saturday, we went to see some museums! Our first stop was the Bargello.

cool hallways pt 1
Mary, Jesus, Peter & Paul

the Bargello is known for its statues, I've heard
cool hallways pt 2

the birds by alfred hitchcock
Madonna of Mercy

I love this one because if you look closely, you see she has her people in her robes!

it's esp cool to be Catholic in Italy
statues upon statues, Bacchus upon Bacchus

gold & black Crucifixion

I know it looks like a million pictures, but I've only chosen my favorite pieces of art and scenery for your full and undivided attention (basically).

San Giorgio

I liked this one a lot as well. It's called something like Saint George Killing the Dragon, Saving the Princess. Pretty Mario/prince-like.

thank God for glasses cases b/c these feet are clumsy
Saint Anne, Madonna, Jesus

This was a special one as well, because of my sister Veronica's middle name being Anne and the confirmation saint of one of my best friends, Veronica!

sacred ground, basically
Then it was back to Santa Croce!

Santa Claus?
there's me in the black amongst those in black
one of many beautiful churches
Each day basically consists of walking across bridges over the Arno and running into hundreds of stellar churches.

cloudy today

yellows and greens and Ponte Vecchio

beautiful even on dim days
Arno sure beats the Thames

defying gravity

There's a plethora of street art, normally on walls or more tastefully on street signs, but this is a cool circus happening on one of the side streets!

did I mention the zucchini pizza?
or the endless churches?
I don't even remember the names of them

but I do remember this one!
Welcome, my friends, to the Duomo!

e piu grande
Duomo and dummo
I am but a midget

endless beauty

distorted duomo
basically the sistine chapel
the Great Hall?

ciao Gesu

Duomo delight
so pretty it kinda hurts your eyes doesn't it

monstrous from every angle (angel?)

But my favorite part of Florence Cathedral is this gem I happened across (a cross?):

pretty church, but wait...
is that...
Truth is I have no clue what that is, but I really hope I'm not boring you all (mom). There's a lot to do in Firenze! Need some comic relief?

At long last, we finally made it to the Galleria dell'Academia! AKA, where the David is. But also where a mini music museum is!

old upright bass
old violins

old clarinets (represent)
old drums

and old pianos! I wish those were still a thing
Then it was on to the real deal! We pretended to enjoy the various artwork (just kidding it was amazing),

the archangels and someone? ft. creeping statues
too dramatic to be naked
just kidding it's beautiful
When all of a sudden we rounded a corner and...

ciao bello, sorry I kept you waiting
he is magnificent, he is naked
he is chiseled, he is nude
basically the same height

roomie and I, clearly thrilled

I thought it'd be hilarious to take a selfie with him
butt he didn't mind
Today's Mass was an adventure. After showing up at our chosen church, Santa Trinita, right down the road, we discovered there was indeed no mass at 11AM as presumed. We trotted to our backup, Santi Michele e Gaetano, but after an excellently-worded question in Italian (c'e una messa oggi? I know, I'm a pro), we learned there was none there either. We wandered through the streets until we happened upon the Basilica di San Lorenzo, where I utilized aforementioned question to a guard not letting anyone inside. Turns out, only mass-goers were allowed in! Hip hip hooray!

now if only I could understand Italian mass
San Lorenzo Basilica from San Lorenzo Market!
After mass, I went to my first ever European football game, Fiorentina v. Palermo!

ft. my director of studies, rain-proof
packed stadium (over where it counts)
sitting in the cheap seats but hey €9
wearing my freshly haggled team scarf (I promise it's purple)
we won!!!

I have to say my favorite part of the match was watching the obscene hand gestures from both our crowd and the scant away crowd. Even if I can't understand what they're saying, I get the gist.

The day and week ended nicely with aperitivo, essentially Italian happy hour with a buffet of appetizers, and a famous Italian drink, Aperol Spritz!


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  1. I wouldn't call those soccer seats "the cheap seats" but more like "the really, really, really cheap seats that in fact ought to be free"... Loved the photo tour as usual, and of course the selfie with David, which was essential.