Thursday, January 8, 2015

London Ta-Ta-ing (Final Day)

My final full day in London was Tuesday! My darling sister took off work to show me the town. First, we went to the Eye to see if we could catch a ride. The journey there included my favorite, the Golden Jubilee Bridge!

oh wait, coffee first
beautiful London
Eye like you
the Eye and Ben are friends
me too guys!
Unfortunately, the Eye is closed for millions of years (a week), so we satisfied ourselves with pictures.

lion's hair & coffee
still coffee

trying to sneak on
every. last. drop.

Ben's on fire!

Then we made our way over to Big Ben one last time.

<3 <3
<3 <3 <3
While walking to Mass at Westminster Cathedral, we happened upon some friends of the Queen!

hi friends!

let me feed you (just kidding that's illegal)


can you spot Buckingham Palace?
I'll make it easier for you!

it glows with fanciness
I'm basically royalty!

'ello Queen!

I'm coming in!!

just kidding I'll stay over here

please don't shoot me
After we had successfully pestered the foot guards from afar, we headed to West End one last time, not before indulging in "proper hamburgers":

strawberry oreo milkshake??
flesh-colored sisters!

I finally got to see...MY FAVORITE MUSICAL OF ALL TIME!

oh it's the phantom of the opera

such an illegal picture

excellent position to jump on the chandelier

illegal pictures

staged picture for stage door

crying probably

The next morning, after a failed attempt to get a full English breakfast, it was off to Gatwick Airport! We took a train to take a plane. It was a sad moment but it's off to Italy for me!

ready for security to bust me
wait, one last picture!!
I'm easy to spot

off to my next adventure!

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  1. Great long-distance photo of the Eye above the smaller river! Also, LOVED the "B(eye)" comment...