Thursday, January 8, 2015

London Drawing (Day 9)

The last few days have been crazy to say the least, so I'm a bit behind. SORRY AVID READERS! (mom)

On Monday I ventured around by myself one last time. I went to the Tate Britain because art is a thing people like.

what's that?
oh I see!



pish posh
definitely the minor demographic

Typically, art can be really boring if you're not graced with the "third eye" or "attention span", so what I have composed for you today is "Fool's Art", or "Spiced-Up Art" (patent pending).

before.... (SUCH BEAUTY)
after! (MORE BEAUTY!)

before... (THE EMOTIONS)

after! (WHAT CHEER!)
before... (Francis Bacon you weirdo)
after! (Caroline Holmes you weirdo)

om nom nom

before... (did a toddler paint this? jk it's cool)

after! (he just wants to be friends)

before... (beauty comes in all shapes and sizes)

after! (she accepts herself)
before... (I'm puzzled)

after! (see how much better that is?)

I really tried (before any staff/connoisseurs saw me); wearing glasses to pretend I'm smart

They also had this spacious hall with these strange geometric blocks? Ooh art:


After I got kicked out (just kidding), I saw the best art I had seen all day! (just kidding)

whomping willows!!!

When Natalie got off work, we had dinner at a quaint Italian cafe (are you starting to see a trend here) called La Cafe Divina:

much italian
very food
such hungry

avocadoctopus :D

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  1. Your mom's not the only avid reader, Caroline! (i know your mom and dad from Aquinas) She's been sharing your updates and we all enjoy them! i am almost caught up!