Saturday, January 17, 2015

Flitting Around Firenze

This week was filled with beautiful sights and roaming the city outdoors! The weather has been lovely and even when it's raining, it's warm and, well, Italy.

I actually painted this picture

this one too


We hiked a very, very long time up a giant hill to get to the prime look-out spot in Florence.

via monte delle croci (mount of crosses)

yeah I'LL SAY (face delirious with exhaustion)

panting, crying, turning back

walk me! I'm flat!

While it may look harmless...

stupid Americans

It's actually a replica of Mount Calvary.

getting so close
behold the Tuscan countryside
and the tourist spot immediately ruining it
ciao Firenze!
the Arno is beautiful, arno, right?

I love this shot. It's hard to capture everything in pictures but it was a gorgeous day (sunny, 57 degrees) and the view was marvelous. We could practically see our house from here!

sorry I spoiled the view

the countryside and the city meet again
By the way, this little outlook is called Piazzale di Michelangiolo. Maybe because Michelangelo actually painted this scenery onto earth? Just kidding that was God.
ft. small blue man awalking
I'm actually obsessed with panoramas
stealing the view one more time

love me

 In this piazza is a replica of the David. It's not quite as nice...he's all green and dirty.

Speaking of replicas, I caved and got a burger, fries, and coke this same day. Believe it or not, it was the best burger, fries, and coke I have ever had. Sorry America, you're doing your own cuisine wrong.

even the Cokes are tall skinny models
food of the gods, god of the foods

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