Monday, December 29, 2014

London Sprawling (Day 2)

After not enough sleep, I was off to explore the city while my darling sister went to work. The day started off nicely by my leaping onto the tube, incurring audible gasps from the crowded space. I didn't think it was that close, but maybe the doors aren't as forgiving as the metro's. I hadn't really planned anything for the day, except to see the HQ of BBC, but I immediately went the wrong way on Oxford Street.

After walking around aimlessly but happily, I came across St. Christopher's Place,

my levitation skills at work again

 and after a quick coffee stop I found myself at Cavendish Square Gardens,
ft. a lovely horse's arse

where I wandered off to All Souls, Langham Place,

wait, what's that I see...
we made it!!


which is when I realized...

I had found BBC!!

Unfortunately, you have to book a tour in advance, and they weren't even running tours this week. At least I got a snazzy pamphlet.

Feeling nevertheless confident, I hopped back on the tube and hopped right back off at King's Cross:
deceptively calm above ground
I walked down this quaint boulevard with chapter book pictures, most importantly this one:

brb I have to go cry now

I was not pleased

a bit too chilly for swimming
Wiping my tears, I strolled along the Regent's Canal,  --->

up to the Granary,

and into St. Pancras!

but where's platform 9 3/4?

time to go it says

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  1. But there IS a Platform 9 3/4 !!!